TLTC Member Directory

NameMember SincePhone NumbersKids NamesEmailAddressBusiness InformationAdditional Information
Abrams, Noel and Michael2020973-222-4412 (Michael), 973-222-0571 (Noel),
Allen, Chris and Kirsten Carlson
Allen, Jeff and Rosa
Alvarez, Alan and Sara
Ambauen, Dylan and Alison2023206-631-0403 (Alison), 360-620-1779 (Dylan)Holly and, dylan@ambauen.com618 North G Street Tacoma, WA 98403Seattle Pottery Supply
Andersen, Mike and Abbie
Anderson, Amy and Travis Young2022206-930-3644 (Amy), 253-883-7264 (Travis)Monty, Wmtyoung@icloud.com421 N Yakima, #1 Tacoma, WA 98403
Anderson, Roger and Jeanne Cubanski
Antone, Alika and Jenilee
Anwar, Haroon and Shannon Mandel
Aoki, Russell and Margie2018253-861-3668 (Margie), 253-376-7388 (Russell)Hazel and, Russell.s.aoki@gmail.com2720 N. 32nd St. Tacoma, 98407COJK, Blue Origin
Arellano, Mike and Yaara
Armstrong, John and Lucia
Artman, Aaron and Leslie
Avila, Teresa and Per Moerkeseth
Ayres, Bryan
Ayres, Cheryl and Ann Taylor
Backstrom, Tom
Bailey, Bobbie and Christopher
Baldwin, Stephen
Bang, Eddie and Lana Kuzmin2011253-576-6272 (Eddie), 206-293-5518 (Lana), lanakuzmin@dtseattle.com2150 Yakima Ave Tacoma, WA 98405
Bardwil, Mark and Kim
Barr, Nick and Courtney2015253-312-5883 (Courtney), 206-883-4984 (Nick)Collin, Connor &,
Beck, Stacie and James2014253-448-1494 (Stacie), 253-448-1442 (James)Whitney, Pendleton, and, james@bcglawyers.com1123 N 27th St Tacoma WA 98403Beck Chase Gilman PLLC
Behm, Ken and Desiree
Bekker, Brady and Alison
Bell, Teresa and Kimberly Lane
Berg, Marit
Bessette, Allan
Bethel, Ryan and Erin
Bethke, Robert and Kathleen2004253-988-5975 (Bob), 253-988-6975 (Kathy)Isabella, Liam and, kmbethke@gmail.com2710 Garfield Road, Tacoma, WA 98403
Black, Robert and Beth Sherril2000253-761-7831 (Bob), 253-761-7831 (Beth), bethsherrill78@hotmail.com3412 N. 25th St. Tacoma, WA 98406Tennis 3.5 (Bob)
Blaesi, Chris and Sarah West
Blake, Kimberley2003253-228-5312Brooklyn Mitchell, Landon Mitchell, and Parker MitchellKimberleymblake@gmail.com615 N. E Street Tacoma Washington 98404Sign Dreamers PNW 253-285-0256 IG @sign_dreamers_pnw
Bland, Kyle and Melissa
Blanford, Kenneth and Angel
Bliss, Matt and Heather2011206-261-0540 (Matt), 253-921-7760 (Heather)Patrick and, heather@blisslawgroup.com524 N C St Tacoma WA 98403Beyond Fitness, Bliss Law Group,
Boardman, Jim and Catherine
Boice, Brian and Angela2019206-550-0358 (Angela), 206-604-4019 (Brian), bboice@boicelawfirm.com3324 N 19th St Tacoma, WA 98406Boice Law Firm, PLLC
Born, John and Mary Eun2021253-590-6224 (John), 206-293-9494 (Mary)Daniel, marymeun@gmail.com3701 N. 13th Street
Bouma, Jess and Rachael
Bowden, Patricia and Vern Guinn2014253-720-5938 (Patricia), 253-720-5938 (Vern)Christina,Thomas, Cynthia, Rickbowdenpatricia@gmail.com9815 Island View Lane WestUniversity Place Washington 98466
Boyle, Jennifer2021253-370-7848Lauren, Tala, Katherine, and Charlotteboylejennifer4545@gmail.com3701 N Gove Street Tacoma, WA 98407Weyerhaeuser
Brady, Joe and Brynn2010253-320-0655 (Joe), 253-686-3387 (Brynn)Tatum and, Brynn.brady@gmail.com701 N G St, Tacoma, WA
Brassard, Darren and Gloria
Brawley-Cook, Karen
Breen, Frank1973253-313-6778Ivan and Amandafandebreen@comcast.net6247 N Park Way Unit A Tacoma, WA 98407
Broili, Kelly and Ben
Bronder, Jacob and Meagan2020253-777-5989 (Jacob), 917-734-1939 (Meagan)Madyson, Brooklyn,, Meaganbronder@gmail.com2314 Fremont Street Tacoma Wa 98406
Brown, Charlie and Margaret
Brown, David and Susan
Bruce, Donald and Aubrey
Bryant, Josh Olivia2023206-295-5752 (Josh), 253-228-3990 (Olivia), oliviambryant3@gmail.com1610 S 15th st Tacoma, WA 98405
Brynestad, Bart and Berta
Bueno, Racquel and Rich Smith2024808-561-3527 (Racquel)Racquelbueno@gmail.com722 N Tacoma Ave Tacoma, WA 98403
Buescher, Derek and Anne Bennett2012253-988-0900 (Derek), 253-307-6971 (Anne)Luke and, annehbennett@yahoo.com2117 N. Junett St
Burke, Maggie2004703-864-7927margaretloomisburke@gmail.com6408 N 48th St Tacoma 98407
Busick, Bradley and Patricia
Butler, James and Pollyann
Buttorff, James and Susanna2007253-278-5735 (Susanna), 253-905-0705 (James), Cvajdb@gmail.com2906 N 33rd St Tacoma, Wa
Cameron, Corie and Sean Guay2020360-631-0629 (Corie), 206-310-1135 (Sean)Liam, Ellie, Nora, and Lucas, seanguay@gmail.com3912 N 7th StreetGrit City Greens
Canorro, John and Cassidy2022254-961-6135 (Cassidy), 253-283-3949 (John)Austin and, John.canorro@gmail.com2110 65th St NE Tacoma, WA 98422
Carlen, Bryce and Diana
Carlson, Kurt and Michaela1991253-857-8246 (Kurt), Erika, mc@steelers7.comPO Box 1094 Tacoma, WA 98401Propel Insurance 253-759-2200
Carlson, Seth and Jennifer2010253-973-4618 (Seth), 253-219-2046 (Jennifer)Cora, Tate, and Elinemmonsjen@hotmail.com3910 N 19th St. Tacoma, WA 98406 United States
Carman, Joseph and Sally1986253-988-5565 (Joe), 253-227-0550 (Sally)Amy Xinsu Carman and Tracy AiPing, scarmanotr@gmail.com712 North C Street, Tacoma WA Trainings and Consultation
Caron, Chris and Deanne2012253-219-0915 (Chris), 253-466-0189 (Deanne)Samantha and,
Carroll, Scott and Rachel
Carter, Ryan
Casey, Erin and Michael Bianchi2015206-437-9045 (Erin), 206-793-1896 (Michael)Dylan and Noah,
Cassidy, Barry and Deborah Middleton-Cass
Cederstrand, Eric and Tenley
Cefalu, James and Maria
Chan, Jimmy & Diane
Candler, Missy and John1988253.691.1625 (Missy), 253.279.9080 (John), johncandler@gmail.com3812 N Proctor St. Tacoma, WA 98407
Chunyk, Paul and Allison2020253-999-2371 (Paul), 253-503-0265 (Allison)Cooper and, Allison.Given@gmail.com2720 Garfield Rd, Tacoma, WA 98403Maverick Lending Solutions
Clark, Kim and Blair Goodrow1994253-208-9657 (Kim), 206-963-8475 (Blair)
Coates, Philip and Brooke2010253-376-7439 (Brooke), 253-353-2317 (Philip)Chloe,, pcoates7@gmail.com17 North Rd N Tacoma, WA 98406Coates Chiropractic 253-756-9990
Cochran, Brian
Cohen, Loren and Holland2019206-245-5277 (Holland), 360-280-5058 (Loren)Destini smith, Callie, Ari, Noa,,
Coley, Clinton and Sarah Coley Long
Collie, Bob and Corinne
Colombini, Tony and Anna
Condon, Amy and Bret Maddox2009253-468-6552 (Amy), 253-227-9432 (Bret) Gracie and Alex, Bretmaddox69@gmail.com2224 North Huson St Tacoma, WA 98406
Cook, Alison2007253-229-7403
Cook, Stephen and Wendi2010253-343-8711 (Steve), 253-720-3303 (Wendi) Lauren, Katie,, cook.wendi@gmail.com824 N Tacoma Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98403
Corddry, Tim and Jessica2003253-279-9169 (Tim), 253-229-0515 (Jessica)Jack and, Jcorddry@nventure.com2801 North Junett Street Tacoma, WA 98407
Cove', Fran and Jos2002Eline, Robert, Michelle, Sanne808 N Yakima Ave Tacoma WA 98403
Crabill, Laura and Daren2023815-529-4770 (Daren), 847-370-1614 (Laura)Noelle, Kyle, and, laura.crabill@gmail.com720 N Puget Sound Ave Tacoma WA 98406
Craddock, Mark and Jinny
Crandall, Kristen and James
Crook, Morgann and Shane2021206-714-0475 (Morgann)Charlotte, Alexandra,, Scrook@andoverco.com2601 N Junett StAndover Co, commercial real estateMc : Tennis captain 3.0, plays up 3.5 often Sc : beginner
Crowley, Mike
Cuevas, Beau
Curcio, Bruce and Donella2019360-509-3399 (Donella), 360-204-4883 (Bruce)Max, Carter and,
Curro, Anthony and Andrea Nye
d'Heurle, Albert and Mary Larson
Davie, David and Jesalyn Kimura
Davis, Matt and Lucy
Davis, Michael and Katherine1996253-318-1366 (Mike), 253-651-1204 (Kathrine)Douglass Bowen, Kwiborg1@mac.com4037 N Frace St, Tacoma, WA 98407
Davis, Michael and Sarah
Davis, Stephen and Beverly
Deem, Alison and Kenneth2014716-206-4930 (Alison), 716-206-4918 (Ken)Lucy and Penelope
Defebaugh, Jim and Kristina Maritczak
Degenfelder, Paul and Lexi2021206-979-6192 (Paul), 425-503-2536 (Lexi)Elle and,
DeLong, Arthur and Merelin
DeLong, David and Debbie
DeSilva, Gina and Michael2022253-312-8955 (Gina)Archer and Tuckergina.l.desilva@gmail.com4003 North 7th Street Tacoma WA 98406
Desimone, Richard and Cameron Kennedy
Desmond, Kevin and Cynthia
Dillon, Alicia
Dimmer, John and Diane1997253-229-7115 (Diane), 253-572-7597 (John)dianecdimmer@gmail.com702 North C Street, Tacoma, WA
Dizon, Jonathan and Leda
Donohue, Rick and Alyssa2023253-334-6883 (Alyssa), 253-439-8436 (Rick)Natalie and,
Donovan, Thomas & Andrea2023253-988-8873 (Thomas), 253-230-6506 (Andrea)Thomas and, Andrea.donovan@iqilaw.com6717 Eastside Dr NE Ste 1 Tacoma WA 98422Iraq Law Alliance, PLLC www.iqilaw.comNTRP 4.5 UTR 8.00 University of Puget Sound Assistant Tennis Coach Annie Wright Schools Assistant Tennis Coach
Driscoll, Bill and Lisa Hoffman
Duggan, Tim and Amy Young
Durflinger, Natalie and James Oliver
Edman, George and Laura253-686-6429 (George), 253-590-8897 (Laura)gwedman1@comcast.net404 N. D St. #9W Tacoma, WA 98403
Edman, Tal and Allyson Stoker2021253-820-4339 (Tal), 360-601-3812 (Allyson)Delilah and, stokea@gmail.com211 N. Borough Rd., Tacoma, WA 98403
Elquist, JD and Ashley Wilson
Elswick, John and Megan2015253-376-3660Norah, Hugh, and
Emerick, Robert and Maria
Emmett, Linda and, Ljojones@msn.com505 Broadway Unit 602 Tacoma, WA 98402
Eng, Colin and Whitney
Englund, Nate and Autumn Fenz
Erickson, Jay
Erickson, Ryan and Katy2016253-988-8814 (Ryan), 253-677-3400 (Katy)Ava, Ila, and, katyerickson5@icloud.comFujiya Japanese Restaurant 1130 Broadway Suite 1 Tacoma, WA 98402 253-627-5319 Instagram: fujiyatacoma Facebook: Fujiya Japanese Restaurant
Eyring, Derek
Fagerness, Kristina and Matt
Fast, Michael and Carolin
Federici, Nick and Kristen2020253-341-7733 (Kristen), 360-481-1936 (Nick), Nickfederici@gmail.com2714 N Alder St.
Felleisen, John and Lorraine Lee
Finnigan, Steve and Eileen
Fix, Brandon and Tarren
Fox-Dobbs, Kena and Hwakong Cheng2020831-818-2452 (Kena), 415-722-6901 Theo Fox-Cheng, Nico, hwakong@hotmail.com1120 North E St, Tacoma, WA 98403
Frame, Bill and Tracie
Frazier, Travis and Britney2010253-686-6694 (Britney), 253-576-1916 (Travis)Ryann and, doc_tcf@yahoo.com3015 N Warner St Tacoma 98407
Galbraith, Pat
Gandhi, Kevin and Kassy
Gard, Christopher and Stephanie
Gavin, Doreen
Geddie, Robert and Rebecca2022253-740-4589 (Rebecca), 253-678-6689 (Robert)Olivia,, geddierobert@hotmail.com4124 N 32nd St
Gezelius, Larry and Dawn Umstot2020253-678-0652 (Dawn), 253-720-9135 (Larry),
Gilkey, Malac and Elena
Gilman, Eric and Kristin
Gimmestad, Eric and Shauna Valentine2019+44 7498377795 (Shauna), '+44 7506294607 (Eric), eric.gimmestad@gmail.com18 Old Dairy Mews, London, UK SW128EL
Girvin, Robert and Lori1996253-383-4588 (Robert), 253-229-9972 (Lori)Kellen and, llgirvin@gmail.com906 N. Stadium Way Tacoma WA 98403
Gladstone, Michael and Tia
Goldsmith, Martin and Jodie Zaricor1995253-222-0758 (Martin), 253-678-0573 (Jodie), zaricjl@comcast.net3306 N Union Ave Tacoma, WA 98407
Goll, Emily and Aaron Frye
Golob, Brian and Kimberly
Gorbatkin, Chad and Elizabeth Rosenblatt
Grasseth, Gerry and Cynthia2021206-910-5965 (Cynthia)Jackcjkludt@yahoo.com401 N. 11th Street
Gray, Judson and Gayle2006253-651-1896 (Gayle), 253-572-1403 (Judson)Lilly, Wyndham,, Thegraylawfirm@outlook.com306 North Stadium Way Tacoma, Wa 98403The Gray Law Firm 253 759 1141
Griot, Phillip and Grace
Griot, Richard and Scarlet Melendez
Grisaffi, David and Whitney1993253-627-7032 (Home), 253-221-3283 (Cell)wgrisaffi@comcast.net625 N G St Tacoma, WA 98403Ted Brown Music Company
Grondin, Ron and Lorie Hamiwka
Groves, Laura
Guest, John
Gustafson, Damon and Erin Martelli
Haas, David and Sharon
Hackleman, Drew and, margot.hackleman@gmail.com816 N Tacoma Ave, 98403
Haferbecker, Jennifer and Dustin2017503-313-9820 (Jenny), 503-308-2126 (Dustin)Leo, Miles, Charlie,, drhaferbecker@hotmail.com1326 N Yakima Ave Tacoma, WA 98403
Hall, Michael and Kristin2008253-318-1881 (Kristin), 253-307-0606 (Michael)Caroline and, kmcehall@mac.com507 N G St. Tacoma WA 98403
Hall, Robert and Tammy1999253-691-5150 (Tammy), 253-640-6162 (Robert)Rebecca, Bryan,JonathanHallbob@comcast.net20 Orchard Rd Tacoma, Wa 98406
Harkins, John and Kate
Harkness, David and Cyndi2021253-318-3956 (David), 253-318-6156 (Cyndi), charkness@comcast.net1207 24th Street NW Puyallup, Wa 98371Harkness Furniture 6612 South Tacoma Way Tacoma, Wa 98409. 253-473-1234
Harman, Alex and Jaime
Harris, Greg and Laurel
Hassan, Doug
Hassig, Walter and Yong A2000253-951-9092 (Mark), 253-208-9415 (Yong A)Drew Smith, Wesson,, yhassig@gmail.com609 N D St
Hathorn, Tom and Doria2004253-312-8558 (Doria), 253-355-2131 (Tom), tomhathorn@gmail.com714 North C Street, Tacoma, WA 98403
Hawkins, Rob and Adriana Zamora2010253-606-5195 (Rob), 206-550-2264 (Adriana)Kyle Hawkins, Carson, zazzia1@outlook.com2079 N. Fremont Tacoma WA 98406Marvin Sheet Metal
Haynes, Brian and Aimee
Heaton, Russ and Jennifer Ray
Heavin, Sarah and Zach Saunders
Heinlein, Mary
Helgeson, Andrew and Liz
Henderson, Jim
Herbst, Danny and Kellen Harkness
Herrmann, Lara
Hills, Christine and David2012206-696-0479 (Christine), 425-449-6703 (David)Edi, Liam, and
Hinman, Rebecca2023425-205-0052rebeccakhinman@gmail.comIG @bexi_beeUSTA 3.0
Hirsch, Mare
Hollinger, Allan and Krystine1998253-307-6010 (Krystine), 253-307-6008 (Allan)Olivia &,
Hollyoak, John and Kristi
Hopkins, Marlon and Julie
Horwath, Jon and Angela
Horn, Amanda and Elisa
Howell, Hal
Hulscher, Duane and Micki2015253-230-8491 (Duane), 253-973-2405 (Micki)Elliott, Phyllip,,
Hurst, Heidi 1995253-232-5100heidi@heidihurstteam.com4115 North 37th Street, Tacoma, WA, USAHeidi Hurst Team with Windermere Abode 253 232 5100 Insta Heidi_Hurst_Team
Irigoyen, Jennifer2009253-576-2164Sophia and Evitajenniferirigoyen@me.com620 NORTH C street
Jacobs, Jenny and Aaron2023253-227-1748 (Aaron), 253-227-1751 (Jenny)Clark Jacobs and Margot, Zestyenterprise@gmail.com1218 N I St. Tacoma, WA 98403OMH Consulting LLC: Storied Coaching:
Jacobsen, Eric and Elizabeth
James, Tim and Cherie Harrod James
Jarvis, Nick and Zhi George
Jarvis, Todd and Sue
Jesse, Philip and Anne Marie2001253-405-5207 (Philip), 253-229-8455 (Anne Marie)Philip, Jennifer, Joe and, am.jesse@comcast.net3133 N 33rd ST Tacoma WA 98407
Johnson, Brian
Johnson, Brian and Anneliese
Johnson, Brian and Julie2017253-219-4074 (Brian), 253-973-3508 (Julie)Carter and
Johnson, Greg and Elise2018253-566-7733 (Greg), 253-566-7676 (Elise)Anastacia, Una, and, elisearterjohnson@gmail.com617 N Stadium Way Tacoma, WA 98403 United StatesLifestyle Compounding LiveLongRx livelongrx.comOur family includes 1 current & 2 former Collegiate D1 athletes (wrestling & golf).
Johnson, Robert
Johnston, John and Mary
Johnston, Kathryn and Charles2021210-573-6699 (Kathryn), 610-739-3426 (Charles)Gus, Ada, and, charles.g.johnston@gmail.com2704 N Yakima Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406
Jones, Christopher and Tamara
Jones, Joel and Pamela2014253-219-9914 (Joel), 253-241-4555 (Pam)Kate and, 2pam.jones@gmail.comNeil Walter Company - Commercial Real Estate Apex Engineering - Civil and Survey
Jones, Karen and Rick1999253-431-0661 (Karen), 253-691-8196 (Rick), rickyjski@gmail.com25 North Bradley Rd, Tacoma Wa. 98406
Jones, Roger and Kay
Jorgenson, John and Kris2013253-381-3135 (Kris)krisjorgenson@comcast.netpo box 554 Fox Island 98333
Junior, Jim and Chi
Kadoshima, Mark and Cynthia
Kalalau, Ryan and Allison
Kalkhoven, Kirsty and Jason Grassbaugh
Kalmbach, Randy and Jenny2009253-759-7848Jack and Finn611 N 9th St Tacoma, WA 98403
Keller, Emily1969253-651-6535Emilynwood@yahoo.com405 N Borough Rd Tacoma WA 98403
Keller, Julia and Isaac Wallick2022206-818-1695 (Julia), 509-994-8920 (Isaac)Liam Keller Wallick and Cam Keller, Isaac.Wallick@gmail.com4009 N 9th St, Tacoma, WA 98406
Kelley, Troy and Diane2008Jackson and, troyxkelley@hotmail.com2521 Fremont St Tacoma, WA 98406
Kellogg, Dave and Karina
Kellogg, Dennis and Jean
Kemp, Ali and Chris2024706-224-4558 (Ali), 253-208-8140(Chris), chris@kempandcoconstruction.com5610 41st Ave EFinancial Insights Wealth Management Kemp & Co Construction
Keneipp, Kirsten and Brandon2024253-468-3760 (Kirsten), 253-232-7099 (Brandon)Nolan, Griffin, and,
Kessler, Ken
Kessler, Kirk and Lacey
Kim, Esther and Mark Mettler
Kimbel, Roy and Susan1976253-240-7882 (Susan), 253-572-2073 (Roy)Rachel and, rekimbel@net-venture.comFranke Tobey Jones 5340 N. Bristol St. #207 Tacoma WA 98407retirednot rated
King, Jonathan and Laura2023253-820-6737 (Laura), 253-468-4538 (Jon)Audrey and,
Kirk, Kelly and Andrea McNeely
Knight, Leah2013206-919-5365Finn KeoghLkeogh3@live.com4118 N 37th St Tacoma, WA 98407LK Consulting Leah@Lkstrengths.com3
Kocian, Maya2019253-208-9140mayakocian@gmail.comEarth Economics
Kohler, Jennifer2021206-200-0229kohlerjenn@gmail.com1208 N Cedar St Tacoma, WA 984064.5 USTA Rating
Kohler, Pamela and Justin Pecott
Kohles, Alexandra and Geoffrey
Koon, Rod and TraceyMy parents were members going back to the '50s. I think my membership started around 1993 (?).253-973-2443 (Rod)Jessie Kelsirkletitbe@msn.com1810 North Puget Sound Ave. Tacoma, WA 98406Rod: Grew up playing tennis at the Club. Former tennis pro/manager ('75-76?). Play in a classic rock group and enjoy researching TLTC's history.
Kradjan, Chris and Christine2017206-931-4810 (Chris)Madlyn and Edwardchris.kradjan@mossadams.comP.O. Box 6963 Tacoma, WA 98417Moss Adams (206) 931-4810
Kram, Peter19761-253-221-7820 (cell) 253-272-7929 (office)krampeter@msn.com414 Tacoma Avenue North Tacoma, Washington 98403 United StatesKram & Wooster, P. S. 1901 South "I" Street Tacoma, WA 98405 (253) 272-7929
Kranick, Brian and Sarah2019240-731-2600 (Sarah), 240-731-2602 (Brian)Maggie, Josie, and, Bkranick@gmail.com44 N Summit Rd Tacoma WA 98406
Krumins, Peter and Christine2000253-312-6693 (Peter), 253-331-8505 (Christine)Benjamin, Stuart, and EmmaMsylviab45@gmail.com603 N D street Tacoma 98403Proliance Puget Sound Orthopaedics
Kuehn, Scott and Jennifer
Kuhn, Baron and Alisa Peterson2018
Kukreja, Sunil and Laura2006253-761-5666 (Sunil)Arya and Ananyakielykukreja@yahoo.com43 Orchard Road Tacoma, WA 98406
Kula, Michael and Meagan
Kunz, Brody and Chanda2013206-799-8626 (Brody), 206-619-6990 (Chanda)Taya and, Cskunz@comcast.net22909 257th Ave Se Maple Valley, Wa 98038Edward Jones Investments (425) 413-51293
La Rosa, Manuel and Silvia
Lake, Regina and Charles2011425-359-5506 (Chip) and 253-279-5408 (Gina)
Lamberton, Greg and Tiffany2018909-362-3742 (Tiffany)Noah and Coletlamberton@gmail.com3514 N. Puget Sound Ave Tacoma, WA 98407TMD Collective www.tmdcollective.comobsessed with Pilates, Fashion and TMD
Langdon, Chris and Molly
Larson, Dr. Larry
Larson, Manning and Christina2021206-854- 6915 (Manning), 206-707-3739 (Christina)Ethan and, Cmichellel@yahoo.com723 N Stadium Way Tacoma, Wa 98403Vehrs Distribution Rodney Strong
Larson, Mike and Beco
Larson, Steve and Lois
Laynor, Timothy and Samara2020253-905-5400 (Samara), 253-241-3384 (Timothy)Cayden and, tjlaynor@gmail.com2902 North 33rd Street Tacoma, WA 98407
Lee, Hyoung
Leitzinger, Robin
Leon, Enrique and Marjorie2005301-873-2892(Marjorie), 301-873-1880 (Enrique), enriquerleon@centurylink.net4232 N 38th St Tacoma WA
Leverson, Kirk and Mary
Levey, Ken2016253-820-9481Rebeccaklevey@theleveylawgroup.com5316 N. Court St. Ruston, WA 98407The Levey Law Group 2532729459Would like to find a mixed and/or men's doubles to join early weekday mornings.
Lindquist, Mark and Chelsea2012253-224-7592 (Chelsea)Sloanechelsea.lindquist@gmail.comMark Lindquist Law
Lindsay, Dawn and Brett2008253-226-7374 (Dawn), 253-468-4117 (Brett),
Logan, Steve and Joan Waldrop
Lomax, Jamie and Joshua
Long, Doug and Dena2003253-677-6164 (Doug), 253-677-6154 (Dena)Madeline, Denamlong1967@gmail.com614 N Yakima Ave, Tacoma 98403Renaissance Chiropractic Center
Long, Jaime and Jason Isenberg
Long, Maddy and Tyler Hutcherson2023253-722-7438 (Maddy), 650-787-8469 (Tyler), Tyler.hutch1@gmail.com4211 N 10th st. Tacoma, wa 98406Dr. Maddy @ Renaissance Chiropractic Center - Tacoma Mall Blvd Phone: 2534730300 Instagram: @dr.maddylong Email: Website: Dr. Tyler @ Labyrinth Chiropractic & Bodywork - N 30th in Old Town Website: Email:
Loomis, Andrew and Toni
Lowe, Matt and Sarah
Lucas, David and Julie
Lyons, Gregory and Karen1995253-534-5021 (Karen), 253-752-8275 (Greg)kclyons@harbornet.com2514 N. Junett St. Tacoma, WA 98406
Macaluso, Coco and Beau
Macaluso, Jeffrey and Laura
Madderson, Andrew and Katy
Maison, Andrea2016253-279-8236Almaison405@gmail.comBECUUSTA rating 4.0
Malaier, Bill and Tess Ryan2020206-229-5895 (Bill), 971-221-4149 (Tess)Augie Malaier, Maggie (Bill), (Tess)713 N C St., Tacoma, WA 98403
Malden, Nicholas and Barb Headley2008253-304-4654 (Nick), 253-640-1980 (Barb), Barb@oppnw.netOne North Stadium Way Unit 8 Tacoma, WA 984033.5 / Golf / Skiing / Boating
Maldonado, Eddie2011
Malhotra, Krystal and Vinay2022253-267-4005 (Krystal), 253-720-3534 (Vinay),
Manke, Eric and Dana
Marien, Chad and Julianna2013253-683-0704 (Chad), 253-683-0708 (Julie)Zach and Stellachadandjulie@hotmail.com3018 N 29th St. Tacoma, WA 98407
Marlow, Brian and Amanda2008253-905-1946 (Amy), 253-459-4966 (Brian)Maggie, Anna, and, marlow_brian@mac.com3002 N 21st Street Tacoma, Wa 98406
Martin, Paul and Laelle2008253-381-4701 (Laelle), 253-677-0216 (Paul)Ari and, paulmartindc@gmail.com615 N Cushman Ave, Tacoma, WA 98403Brilliant Life Chiropractic, Dr. Paul Martin, DC & Dr. Laelle Martin, DC 253-383-0577 (call or text)Not currently tennis members, but Laelle grew up playing regularly and took tennis lessons with Tom here at TLTC during her high school years...and is hoping to be back on the courts again before too long after a way too many year injury "sabbatical". Kids have both enjoyed many summers of swim lessons and swim team too!
Martinson, Jeremy and Emily
Masselink, Luke and Victoria2019201.679.3635 (Luke), 323.422.3388 (Victoria)Theo and,
Mathews, Mark and Donna2005253-219-5254 (Mark), 253-831-2348 (Donna)Madeline and, djmathews0303@gmail.com2613 N Starr Street Tacoma, WA 98403The Management Trust Megs & Mo Upscale Resale
Matteucci, James
Matthaei, Morgann and Jake
Mayer, Michael and Melissa2023253-441-1211 (Mike), 253-549-8022 (Melissa), melissarush13@gmail.com4911 N Bristol St, Tacoma, WA 98407
McCarthy, Tim and Sarah
McDivitt, Damien and Tiffany2019253-377-6126 (Damien), 253-377-6182 (Tiffany)Addison and, tacomatiffy@icloud.com5121 North 49th Street Ruston, Washington 98407Mary Mart
McDonald, Josh and Chelsea Levy
McDougall, John and Liz2022 206-769-9855 (John)Henry, Lucia, Oliveejmcdougall@gmail.com2615 North 29th St. Tacoma, WA 98407Club Z! Tutoring Services of Tacoma
McGovern, Bill and Joan
McGovern, Charley1985253-905-3909Charleym@pacwestlumber.com639 S. Howard St. Tacoma, WA 98465Pacific Western Lumber
McIlmail, Dan and Joy Mumford
McInnis, Jeff and Sarah
McKeown, Tim
Mclamore, Jennifer and Timothy O'Donnell2023978-204-7418 (Jen), 253-227-4690 (Tim)Delia, Colin, and, Timkodonnell@gmail.com1424 N Anderson St Tacoma WA 98406Oakes & Alder Day Spa @oakesandalder
McLaughlin, Jesse and Chino
McNaughton, Catherine and Roman
McNeal, Eric and Molly
McNeal, Paul and Colby
McPhee, Brian and Parisa
McPhee, Dr. Brad and Nancy
McPhee, Sean and Karen
Meacham, Ryan and Grace2009253-222-5883 (Ryan), 253-720-8174 (Grace)Jake and, minxmerron@gmail.com3422 N Puget Sound Ave, Tacoma, WA 98407Broker, Windermere Real Estate, 253-222-5883Interests: family activities, travel, and visiting with friends.
Meade, Mark and Kim2000s253-208-5698 (Kim), 253-381-6166 (Mark)Dane, Kellen, Connor and,
Merry, McKenzie and Brian2022253-353-4444 (McKenzie), 206-851-8837 (Brian), @drmckenzie_
Michels, Megan and Ben2014253-973-1203 (Megan), 253-432-9102 (Ben)Walter and, Ben-michels@hotmail.com11505 Gravelly Lake Drive SW Lakewood, WA 98499
Miller, Brady and Megan2007253-625-3994 (Megan), 253-627-3701 (Brady)Seamus, Liam, Finnian,
Miller, Glen and Amanda2020Henry and,
Miller, Michael and Kami
Moll, Adam and Jordan
Momah, Kingson
Montgomery, Zach and Sara
Moore, Elle and Christian2022253-278-9160 (Christian), 253-228-0744 (Elle), elle.gladstone16@gmail.com2705 N. 21st St. Tacoma, WA 98406Tristate Roofing
Moore, Reed and Cara
Moravek, Carlos and Jodi2001253-677-0838 (Carlos), 253-677-4982 (Jodi)Nina, Lucia and, jodimoravek@gmail.com7908 Olympic View Dr NW Gig Harbor WA 98335
Moreno, Eli
Mores, Gerardo and Heide
Mourino, Martin and Sarah
Moxley, Tanya
Mueller, Julia and Stan1965253-759-4862 (Julia)momjulia@hotmail.com3602 N. Narrows Drive, Unit 11Bretired
Mulhall, Catherine253-961-7052IsabellaCajmulhall@hotmail.comBe Well, Washington, PLLC (Psychotherapy, private practice) 253-200-5228
Mungia, Ingrid and Mikhail Carpenter2023253-310-1077 (Ingrid), 360-789-6384 (Mikhail)Audri Mungia and Gourley, Mikhailcarpenter@gmail.com2915 N Cedar St Tacoma WA 98407
Murlless, Summer & Jeremiah2023310-936-0933 (Jeremiah), 310-923-3044 (Summer)Aiden (2019), Henry (2017), Jacquelinesummer@gmail.com2911 N 20th Street Tacoma, WA 98406Summer 3.0 Jeremiah 3.0
Nealon, Maura and Trevor Pousson2023253-691-4448 (Maura), 303-870-2164 (Trevor)Marlow Pousson and Edie, trevorpousson@gmail.com614 N Stadium Way Tacoma, Wa 98403253-691-4448USTA 3.5 (Maura)
Neff, Guy
Neff, Kurt and Charlene Day-Neff
Nelsen, Jill P. and Gregg2010253.225.5734 (Jill)Jillpeters14@gmail.com8280 SE Sedgwick Ave Port Orchard, WA 98366Tax Center and Accounting3.5, gardening, reading, traveling and of course tennis
Nelson, Donald and Melissa
Nelson, Eric
Nelson, John and Nancy Waters
Nemetz, Stacie and David2021310-770-0180 (Stacy), 310-936-4977 (David)Zoe and, david@nemetzfamily.com1013 N G ST Tacoma 98403Stacie Nemetz, CFP Apella Wealth 360-754-9475 David Nemetz, Publisher JLiving Media 310-936-4977
Nicholson, Scott and Bret Simon2020310-562-6722 (Scott), 262-751-3460 (Bret), Itssodanotpop@gmail.com3.5 Tennis. Singles or Doubles
Nicklaus, Daniel and Stephanie2017503-545-8585 (Stephanie), 206-920-5832 (Dan)Kamdan Nicklaus, Jana Kliem, Virginia, dfnicklaus@gmail.com3119 N 27th St, Tacoma WA 98407
Noronha, Greg and Colleen
Norris, Erika and Andrew Malinak
Norvell, Dan and Shelly
O'Connor, Daniel and Jane2022206-523-6717 (Jane)Annie and, djoconnor@gmail.com901 N. Yakima Ave Tacoma, WA 98403
O'Driscoll, Shanan2012615-293-1474 Elise Hedgesshanano2016@gmail.com611 N G St Tacoma WA 98403
O'Halloran, Scott and Amanda2011253-441-0423 (Amanda), 253-298-2012 (Scott)Jaelin, Will, Kellen and, scott@favros.com519 North E St Tacoma, WA 98403
O'Neill, Meghan and David2018253-961-1014 (Meghan), 253-304-2464 (Owen)Owen and, davidoneill@outlook.com4529 S 7th Street Tacoma WA 98405
O'Reilly, Eamon and Elizabeth2005 206-601-8431 (Eamon), 206-434-2147 (Elizabeth)Patrick and, eamon@live.com3206 N. 29th Street Tacoma, WA 98407
Oesch, Robert and Marlo,2023206-465-7612 (Marlo), 253-459-4510 (Robert), Marloandrobert@gmail.com1030 N Oakes St Tacoma, WA 98406Amanda, Gordon Thomas Honey law firm Scott, FAVROS law firm
Oie, Eric and Karen
Olsen, Aldan and Brit Suprunowski
Osborn, Marcie2004253-906-2241Mosborn054@gmail.com3.5
Ostrom, Jacquelyn and Hans1992253-759-4430Spencer Ostrom and Kelly Stebbins Ostromthirdsectr@aol.comPO Box 7025 Tacoma WA 98417Third Sector Consulting
Ott, Anna and Jason2019253-569-6823 (Jason), 206-755-7005 (Anna)Colletta, Juniper, and, imannaott@gmail.com502 N M Street Tacoma WA 98403Corina Bakery 253-627-5070 The Parlor Salon 253-503-1037
Overton, David and Katherine Steuart2006360-317-5926 (Katherine), 206-948-0554 (David)Caroline Overton, Henry Overton, Elizabeth, David@eeoverton.com824 N G St, Tacoma, WA 98403
Page, Lisa
Page, Steve
Palmer, Ellen
Palmquist, Noreen1970253-691-3658noreenpalmquist@gmail.com3911 N 25 Street Apartment #112
Parks, Colby and Allison
Pascoe, Victoria and Matt Boynton2022Charlotte and, Toriepascoe@gmail.com1419 N Oakes St Tacoma, WA 98406Dame Interiors
Paul, Jonathan
Pauw, Jan and Carole2023253-651-7613 (Jan), 253-208-0885 (Carole)janpauw@msn.com507 N. 3rd St. Apt 302 Tacoma, WA 98403Retired, former Weyerhaeuser Company attorney.
Pedersen, Aaron and Sarah2023253-377-9196 (Aaron), 253-278-9593 (Sarah), sarahchpedersen@gmail.com4313 N 36th St Tacoma, WA 98407Aaron Pedersen Photography,, 253-377-9196
Peranzi-Wilder, Leah and Chad
Peregrin, Christine and Bradley2024720-375-6647 (Christine), 720-422-7714 (Brad)Lucie, Jack,,
Perkins, Emily and James
Perry, Randy and Lotus2005253-759-2605 (Randy)losunperry@gmail.com3724 N 37th, Tacoma WA 98407
Peterson, Tom and Shannon Bell-Peterson1991253-468-6823 (Shannon)Callan and LeytonShannon@sbpre.com3109 N 20th St, Tacoma 98406
Peterson, David and Jennifer
Petrich, Peter and Mary
Pfarr, CiCi and Rob2017253-691-0687 (CiCi), 206-851-2300 (Rob)Paul, Ryan, and, robpfarr@allstate.com2602 North Carr Street Tacoma, WA 98403Pfarr Insurance Agency
Philbrick, Krista 2019360-463-7328Wyatt, Parker, and BenKristaphilbrick@yahoo.com1539 S Geiger ST Tacoma 98465
Phill, David and Caroline
Pichette, Dennis and Nicole
Piper, James
Politeo, Mike and Lisa
Provazek, Janeen and Lew Napolitano2001253-576-8512 (Janeen), 253-222-8575 (Lew)
Quesada, Cefe and Julie
Quigg, Tim
Raphael, Justin and Shayna2016253-365-7756 (Shayna), 253-678-8430 (Justin)Lily and, Justin.Raphael@outlook.com2121 north fife street Tacoma, wa 98406Raphael Consulting - Claire Bear Foundation
Rhodes, Kelcey2017253-304-6041Meara and Muirenn (Lulu) FlahertyMainstationdental@gmail.com522 N E St Tacoma 98403Main Station Dental
Richards, Robert and Kelly2019206-227-4575 (Rob), 206-406-2678 (Kelly)Wilson and, kelly@tacomawinemerchants.comTacoma Wine Merchants
Rife, Andrew and Shanna
Rivers, Michael and Jennifer
Robinson, Jeffrey and Jill2002253-272-1123 (Jeff), 253-343-5368 (Jill)Jefftaa253@gmail.com911 N J street
Rogers, Bronwyn and Tom HoareUnknown253-677-9414 (Bronwyn), 253-226-1596 (Tom)Josie and, Tom@greenairsupply.com622 North K st Tacoma WA 98203Green Air SupplySki family.
Rosati, Christopher and Kelly2013775-200-8505 (Christopher), 253-777-8455 (Kelly)Clara, Anna,,
Rose, Gary
Rosellini, Adam and Lori
Rosenbloom, Tamara2018253-278-5401Tamara@tamararosenbloomdesign.com1702 Sullivan Dr NW Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Rowan, Melinda
Rowlands, Dr. John and Mary1982253-376-6648 (John), 253-988-0912 (Mary), 624 N G St Tacoma Wa 98403
Ruckle, Jared and Katy
Ruckle, Jules and Drew Michaels2021541-227-8023 (Drew)AveryDrewmichaels85@gmail.com619 N Proctor Street, Tacoma WA 98406
Rudd, James and Molly2019253-338-7119 (James), 253-376-7545 (Molly)Brennan and, molly.c.rudd@gmail.com24 N Bradley Rd Tacoma, WA 98406
Ryan, Tom and Sheila2004253-298-1830 (Tom), 206-714-7157 (Sheila)Hugh and, Sheilamack@me.com3810 N Madison St Tacoma WA 98407Tom Ryan Private Wealth Management 253-298-1830
Salam, Tariq and Sally
Sandbo, Bill and Theanne2016253-861-3870 (Theanne), 253-389-0133 (Bill)Teddy and, billsandbo@gmail.com3106 N. 28th Street Tacoma, WA 98407Peterson Structural Engineers 253-328-6728
Sanders, Kevin and Brenda2011253-304-0601 (Brenda), 253-330-0353 (Kevin), kevin@thesanders.name320 N 10th St Tacoma, WA 98403Kevin owns, runs, and treats patients at Sound Cancer Care, PLLC, an independent, full-service Radiation Oncology treatment clinic in Puyallup, WA. He also has a PhD in Biochemistry. He and his office staff can be reached at work at: 253-200-3166 or or online at Brenda is a retired Pediatrician who also has a PhD in German Literature and speaks German and Spanish Kevin and Brenda are both always happy to give medical advice to friends and family or to help answer questionsWe have been social members since the kids were little and spent many summers enjoying the pool and friends. In December of 2015, we moved to Spain for the 2016 calendar year and we now return to Spain every summer. We love spending summers in Spain and our Spanish friends there, but sadly we now miss out on the outdoor facilities that are so beautiful during our PNW summers here. Kevin, Brenda, and Nat are taking tennis lessons and will join a 2.5 team at some point probably in the next year after Alyssa goes to college. And we are now tennis members!
Saperstein, Julia and Robert
Savage, Christopher and Amy
Sawyer, Elizabeth & Ryan
Schacht, James and Gretchen Leanderson2017253-320-0531 (James), 253-297-6899 (Gretchen)Eric and Peter, gretchenleanderson@gmail.com1310 North Harmon St.
Schlanbusch, John and Crystal
Schmitz, James and Jennifer2008 253-606-0495 (James), 206-484-2009 (Jennifer)William, Sydney and, jen_schmitz@msn.com3021 N. 28th St Tacoma, WA 98407
Schmitz, Steffen and Alicia2015253-678-5962 (Alicia), 206-853-5700 (Steffen)Julian and, steffenschmitz8370@hotmail.com624 N C St Tacoma, WA 98403Alicia Steckler Counseling, Medical Device SalesLoving tennis, the social aspect, great friends we've made, and of course the family and kid events.
Schneller, David and Lynnae
Schoeff, Steve and Aparna Baheti2021614-315-1761 (Steve), 703-615-3846 (Ally)Leela, Anika,,
Schomogyi, Mark and Lisa
Sciba, Bret and Nancy
Scott, Jason and Colleen
Seaholm, Emily2019253-209-5659Elena, Olivia, Landon & Liaminevitablyemily@gmail.com1408 N Oakes St. Tacoma, WA 98406
Seaman, Chris and Vicki2017253-370-0393 (Vicki), 253-279-4601 (Chris), cman98407@gmail.com4137 N 30th St Tacoma, WA 98407
Shaw, David1997253 761-5386davedishaw@nventure.com4406 North 32nd St. Tacoma 98407
Shedd, Darin and Catherine
Sheridan, James and Stacey
Shipley, Brynn and Philip Panagos
Simonson, Sara and Will
Simpson, Brianna2002253-495-6734bri@simpson.mx704 W PIONEER, Puyallup WA3.5 USTA
Skenfield, Wesley and Jennifer
Skibbs, Allison2001253-227-7374 Hannah Welch and Claire Welchaskibbs@windermere.com13037 Point Richmond Beach Rd NWWindermere Real Estate - Owner/Managing Broker Gig Harbor, Gig Harbor Downtown, Port Orchard & Key Peninsula Offices
Skobel, Brian and Brittany
Skrinar, Thomas and Patricia
Smeall, Kim and Joe
Smith, Alberta
Smith, Chelsea and Zach
Smith, David and Lisa2006253-241-6567 (David), 253-241-6568 (Lisa)Allie and, lisa@davidsmithlaw.com2519 N Junett St Tacoma WA 98406Law Offices of David Smith, PLLC
Smith, Jeff and Katie Marzano
Smith, Maria and Jack2023253-988-2798JackMariaandjack1988@gmail.comLakewood3.0 (Maria)
Smith, Mary1997253-224-8126 (Mary), 253-224-8130 (Steve) Charlie, Joeymarycsmith@att.net802 N C St. Tacoma, WA 98403
Smith, Matthew and Lita2001253-255-4768 (Lita), 253-831-5496 (Matt)Mia, Maggie, and, vistamatt@harbornet.com1011 N Yakima Ave Tac. Wa. 98403
Smith, Patrick and Nora
Smoots, Kathleen2014253-370-9013 (John), 253-307-4101 (Kathy)smoots5@aol.com7512 89th AVE NW Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Snyder, Dick
Soelling, John and Madison
Sonju, Samantha and Eric2013253-820-7758 (Samantha), 253-686-8608 (Eric)Edie, Nora, Janesamanthasonju@gmail.com1814 N Puget Sound Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98406Sonju Interiors @sonjuinteriors
Sorensen, Kasper and Jennifer2020253-409-8746 (Kasper), 253-409-8752 (Jennifer)Andrew and, jenniferasorensen@yahoo.com5615 24th Ave NE, Tacoma, WA 98422Malarchick & Sorensen
Sorenson, Jeff and Angela
Spataro, Christine2020253-349-9701Calebrealtorchristine27@gmail.com2515 Vista View Drive Tacoma, WA 98406 United States
Spellman, Tim and Karina Shagren2014509-308-2413 (Karina), 206-327-1016 (Tim), Tspellman@gmail.com1406 N 7th St Tacoma, 98403
Spriestersbach, Ryan and Le'Anna2019Paxton, Zan, and
Stackpole, Kari
Stackpole, Steve and Mary Jane
Stanyer, Julie and Kurtis Root2020
Steel, Todd and Tami2015253-377-8711 (Todd), 253-732-8711 (Tami)Briana and, todd_tami@hotmail.com2701 North Junett St Tacoma wa 98407
Stewart, Michael and Reem
Stickler, Todd and Becky2020253-906-4648 (Todd), 253-691-8974 (Becky) Reegan and Will (Todd), (Becky)1844 Point Woodworth Dr NE Tacoma, WA 98422
Stimach, Tamra2009206-355-56423tstimac@comcast.net525 Broadway #201 Tacoma, WA 98402The Arbor Rose Inc, AFH 206-355-5643 Elder Care for over 40 years
Stockstad, Elliott and Jen
Stockton, Jason
Stoehr, Philip and Barbara
Stout, Paul and Gretchen
Stover, Diana and Dave Gebauer
Strand, Mark and Dorothy1976253-985-3732 (Mark), 253-861-3871 (Dorothy), dstrand7036@gmail.com708 N. Stadium Way Tacoma, WA 98403Pickleball
Strand, Ryan and Rachel
Strobl, Jacob and Maggie Gallagher2020253-802-2016 (Maggie), 206-661-3622 (Jacob)Stella and Gemma, Jacob.Strobl@gmail.com458 S Bedford Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90212Strobl Design 206-661-3622
Sundquist, Lee and Carol
Suresh, Anand and Vanessa
Swann, Heather2019860-908-3298Braylin and BostonHeatherswann@washingtonlaw.netTacoma, WAHay & Swann PLLC
Swann, Jeremy
Swarner, Ron and Kate
Swazo, Jamin and Rebecca2021253-691-5164 (Rebecca), 253-677-5947 (Jamin)Henley and, Jaminswazo@gmail.com3110 North 8th Street Tacoma WA 98406
Takehara, Scott
Tanbara, Greg1960s253-209-7770gregtanbara@gmail.com15 N Summit Rd Tacoma WA 98406
Taufen, Anne2019253-905-1162Clara and Rowan Wessellsataufen@gmail.com2523 N Starr Street, Tacoma WA 98403Professor, UW Tacomamasters swimming, beginner/intermediate tennis player (2.5/3)- always up for cross training - longtime rower (collegiate crew and elite sculling), rowing coach (all levels) - hiking, camping, backpacking, scrambling
Taylor, Dr. James and Jane1989253-279-0460 (James), 253-229-3873 (Jane), janemstaylor@gmail.com2814 N. Junett St. Tacoma
Taylor, Hayden and Hala
Tees, Jay and Joanne2011360-402-3014 (Joanne)Zachary Teesannewilliams1@mac.com4115 N Stevens St Tac Wa 98407
Templin, Julie
Terrien, Stephanie and Ashlie Solomon2022206-915-9367 (Steph), 425-213-2805 (Ashlie), ashlieksolomon@gmail.comTennis singles, doubles, mountain biking, hiking, overlanding
Thompson, Meegan and Ertan Serince2022253-777-7072 (Ertan), 263-777-5669 (Meegan)Aslan Serince and Evren, meeganthompson@yahoo.com717 N D st.
Thoms, Robert and Vallerie2018253-307-8422 (Rob), 707-934-7400 (Vallerie)William, Charlotte, Cali Von, Nola, Mrsteamthoms@gmail.com424 N Borough Rd Tacoma, Wa 984023.0, 2.5
Tilley, Cameron and Jordyn
Tingstad, Jonathan
Titus, Bruce and Linda
Titus, Carolyn1960s1-253-691-1583 (mobile), 1-253-272-2925 (landline)Carolyn.a.titus@gmail.com2005 No. 29th St. Apt.3 Tacoma,Wa. 98403
Titus, Leon and Marci2004253-732-4250 (Leon), 253-312-5717 (Marci), lmkptitus@msn.com3115 N Junett St Tacoma WA 98407CBRE 253-732-4250
Titus, Michael and Erika2019253-376-8813 (Erika), 253-381-8834 (Michael)EJ and, micahel.b.titus@gmail.com6718 Soundview Drive NE, Tacoma, WA 98422
Totten, Kelly and Rachel2023Jacob and Evelyn
Tracy, Chris and Rachel
Traupman, Emily
Treleven, AJ and Lauren
Treleven, Alfred and Carolyn1988253-377-9074 (Carolyn), 253-377-9062 (Alfred), alfiet@spraguepest.com323 N Borough Rd, Tacoma, WA 98403
Treleven, Angela and Justin Persich2021253-229-5167 (Angela), 206-715-1807 (Justin), justinpersich@gmail.com2915 N 31st Street Tacoma 98407TrueBlue, Inc. (Angela) and Alaska Airlines (Justin)
Treleven, Paul and Leslee
Treleven, Ross and Laura2020Sloan and (Laura)Sprague,
Treleven, Thomas and MaryCarol
Truebenbach, Timothy and Mona2008253-370-8490 (Tim), 702-239-9823 (Mona)Ethan and, Mlcunanan@aol.com11104 29th Street Ct. NW Gig Harbor, WA 98335True Private Wealth 253-444-0675
Tuohy, Patrick and Steffany2021253-307-5860 (Patrick), 253-312-6099 (Steffany), steffany.tuohy@gmail.com702 N Sheridan Ave
Uyeno, Randy and Karin Peterson425-301-1155 (Randy), 425-221-0462 (Karin)Linnea and Mei, karin392@comcast.net3136 SW 302nd PL Federal Way, WA 98023
Valentine, Bruce and Kerry1995253-720-2923 (Kerry), 253-606-4830 (Bruce), Bvalentine@neilwalter.com4919 N, Orchard St. Tacoma, WA 98407
Vipond, Scott and Melissa Newell
Wachter, Heidi and Neil2013360-908-2617Abbie, Elle,, Hhorst@harbornet.com4024 North 35th Street Tacoma, WA 98407Sanchez, Mitchell, Eastman & Cure, P.S. 4110 Kitsap Way, Suite 200 Bremerton, WA 98312Masters Swimming Barbell Club
Wade, Alana and Marc
Wager, Darren and Elizabeth
Walker, Jamie and Jason Johnson
Walker, Sean and Ryan Mello2020360-606-8757 (Sean), 253-861-8356 (Ryan), ryanmello@msn.com615 Fawcett Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402
Walsh, Julie and, Nwalsh253@gmail.com44 Degrees Beverage Sales
Welch, Bryan and Jessica2001206-949-1000 (Jessica), 253-341-5400 (Bryan)Riley and, byan@w-ins.com735 N Stadium Way Tacoma Wa 98403W Insurance Group 1007 Pacific Ave Tacoma WA 98402 253-382-2100 IG: @winsurancegroup
Wells, Julia and Martin
Werner, Ted
Wessells, Cooper
Weyand, Jon and Courtney2020810-923-3129 (Jon), 509-590-6597 (Courtney)Gwen and
Whatley, Will and Emily2022253-359-8739 (William), 5092514741 (Emily)Vivian and,
White, Jeff and Karen
Whitman, Greg and Laura2018206-972-2307 (Greg), 253-279-3664 (Laura)Marissa Enoch and Alexis, Lwhitman@comcast.net4934 N Scenic View Ln Tacoma, WA 98407
Wiley, Ben and Jennifer2019253-225-2747 (Ben), 509-994-4941 (Jennifer)Nicholas and,
Wilhyde, Alice
Wilkerson, Amanda and Tony2014253-219-6128 (Amanda), 253-549-6289 (Tony)Ashley and, wilkersontony@icloud.com4017 N 31st St Tacoma, WA 98407Integrated Concrete Systems Inc, AWilkerson, LLC and W Home SolutionsAmanda 3.0, Tony 3.0
Williams, Steve and Nancy2007253-274-1636 (Steve)Abby and, Nancy.Tacoma@gmail.com2221 N Tacoma Ave Tacoma, WA 98403
Winskill, Ed and Debbie
Winskill, Hugh and Katie
Winters, Jordan and Chris Weatherhead2023253-970-1920 (Jordan)Scarlett WeatherheadWintersmjordan@gmail.com5158 north Pearl street
Wittmer, Sean and Julie
Wohns, Richard
Wonnenberg, James and Lisa2021773-858-1555 (James), 630-244-6225 (Lisa)Luke and,
Wood, Judy
Woods, Brandon and Elizabeth
Woolworth, Stephen and Sherri2007Isaiah and, stephenW@nventure.com1101 N 26th St 98403happy Dog South Sound Happy Dog Daycare Evergreen Treatment Services3.5
Worden, Daly
Worden, Greg and Jana Smith-Worden2008253-224-2991 (Greg), 253-224-2962 (Jana)Sam and, 6614 N 49th St Tacoma WA 98407
Worden, John and Lynette
Worden, Sam
Wrench, David and Ellie2003303-884-4844 (Ellie), 253-297-3639 (David)Christopher, Katie, and Ryanelliewrench@gmail.com3709 N. Union Ave, Tacoma, WA 1059 Black Bull Trail, Bozeman, MT
Wright, Marc2012253-753-8663William and HelenMarc.wright88@gmail.com406 6th Avenue. Tacoma WA 98402Swimming, running, biking
Wright, Travis and Jacqueline2020253-691-3843 (Travis)Amelia
Wurst, Tod
Wyatt, Todd and Nancy
Wynne, Kristen and Tim2011206-972-5299 (Kristen)Amelia and DolanKristen@historic1625.com3819 N. 39th Street Tacoma, WA 98407Owner, Historic 1625 Weddings & Events
Xitco, John
Yee, Brian and Tania Posa2020617-734-5698 (Brian), 609-442-3064 (Tania)Colemonroe@yee.com3803 N Monroe Tacoma WA 98407
York, Harold and Karen
Zamira, Jennifer and Kevin2022253-988-9124 (Kevin), 253-732-6363 (Jennifer)Jolee and, Jenniferzamira@gmail.com3702 N. Gove St Tacoma, WA 98407
Zatkovich, Jade and Jon Pettit2013Jade.Zatkovich@gmail.comOld Town Design Build (General Contractor),, 253-525-6712
Zehnder, Matt and Leigh Ann
Zenczak, B.Z. and Ann
Zerom, Berhare and Xiaoyu Wang
Zier, Jordan and Megan2022253-722-9268 (Megan), 425-351-1887 (Jordan)Hadley, Holland and, Jordanzier1984@gmail.com3110 N 30th St. Tacoma, WA 98407

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